Habbo Hotel: Show Off Your VIP

14 Jan

Win and share with friends!

Oh Habbo VIP. You mean so much too me. Make me more than I could normally be, but I want others to see!

Are you looking for a little more exposure while helping out some of your best friends? Then Habbo VIP members look no further, as we’re holding an exclusive VIP only room competition! But not everyone is left out.

Habbo VIP isn’t about being elitist or proving yourself better than any other. It just gives more options to express yourself through fashion, room building, hair styles and much more! Seriously tho, check out our Habbo Club and Habbo VIP comparison chart to check it out…

Be A VIP With Me Room Competition

1: Create a room using a VIP or Habbo Club room layout along with VIP/HC furni (can include other furni too).

2: Invite five of your bestest buds to the room and take a screenshot.

3: Send us an email with the subject, ‘VIP with me” along with your Habbo name and the five names of your friends in the room.

The whole point of this competition is that you get to share your love for Habbo VIP with your friends! We’ll be rewarding you and your five friends with one month of Habbo VIP access.

The room owners will also be given a VIP Furni Pack consisting of a VIP Vase, a Bling Leather Sofa and a Champagne Tower. Along with the chance to be on our brand new Staff Picks section of the Navigator which also could get you new Achievements. Be a helpful Habbo, show us your VIP room and we’ll hook you and your friends up!

Entries close Tuesday January 18th, 7am EST (that’s 8pm in Singapore, 11pm in Sydney, 4am in Los Angeles and 12 noon in London!)

– Fozzie, SmoothCriminal and Puffin, chillin…like a VIP!

Staff Winter


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