Habbo Hotel: WTFriday?

14 Jan

Get your questions answered by the Habbo Staff!

WTF(riday)? gives you the opportunity to get your questions answered! Get to know the Hotel Managers better by shooting your queries in their direction (Habbo related or not). Who’s their celeb crush? Favorite color? How much wood does a Woodchuck chuck?… you get the gist.

Every Friday Puffin, SmoothCriminal and Fozzie will pick a handful of questions to answer and the lucky winners will score the week’s hottest prize. That’s right, we’re shaking things up a little by handing out a different prize every week!

Last Week’s Winners
Well done to the Habbos listed below! You’ve each scored a Rubber Duck! When more than one Habbo sends in the same question, the staff will pick the one they’re going to answer randomly.

If you where a piece of toast, what would you have put on you? Sent in by BOOM-its-NIKKI

Puffin: A melted piece of delicious French brie with fresh, homemade blackberry jam!

SmoothCriminal: Butter followed by peanut butter followed by jelly. A warm blanket of delicious.

Fozzie: Nutella! Mmmm Nutella…
What is your favorite unusual food combination? Sent in by Jjayscarlet

SmoothCriminal: Funny how this is somewhat in relation to the previous question, but a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Fozzie: I love, love, love banana on my pizza 🙂 Trust me on this one!

Puffin: Pancakes (thin, just like crepes) filled with blueberry jam and bacon, and yellow pea soup on the side. YUM!
What you usually do when you’re in deep thought? Sent in by Semikalb0

Fozzie: Chew on stuff. My pen, my nails, whatever is in reach.

Puffin: I frown. Not sure whether that makes me look like Einstein or just grumpy, but I’ve been told I look intense (whatever that means!).

SmoothCriminal: I space out, really bad. Completely forgetting what happened minutes at a time. Usually it’s me daydreaming of how I would shoot a scene of a movie, or animate/draw something similar. Become completely lost.
Puffin’s Question – If you had your pick, who would you choose? Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner or Zac Efron? Sent in by wingo
Well, hello there impossible choice. JK. I go for Johnny Depp!
SmoothCriminal’s Question – What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning? Sent in by hotCOCONUTCREEK
More appropriately, the favorite thing I would LOVE to do is to wake up @ 8am and begin my weekend early so it could be longer. Unfortunately, Saturdays are the result of me getting up around noon or later from being awake way to long the night before. I am a huge fan of sleeping in.
Fozzie’s Question – What is the cutest thing you have ever seen? Sent in by Padfoot?

– Fozzie, SmoothCriminal and Puffin, doing our Friday dances \o/ !



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