Panfu: Dry Run for Pirouettes

14 Jan

Hi there Pandas!

The ice skating season is about to begin! Have you been stretching and warming up? :mrgreen: From today you can pick up a pair of ice skates from Manny, Maybe you can start practicing how to tie the laces… ;)It’s good to get ready as the skating rink will be ready in 2 days!

Cool, then I get the chance to try out those moves you showed me! And on ice this time and not just on the floor. :D How were they again? This foot goes over here and the hand swings, and then the right leg goes to the front and the left arm swings… Or was it the other way around? :???:

Great! You did well in the dry run! Now we could practice at the swimming pool on the glassy ice under the shower. ;) I’ll try out my pirouettes, who knows, I might break my record of 12! Here are a few small tips: Use knee pads and arm protection! And if you’re about to fall, just wave your arms around like a bird! It helps you to stay balanced. ;)

OK. I can imagine I’ll be waving around so badly I might fly away like a bird! :lol: Pandas, any tips you can pass on from from experience? Tips about ice skating, doing pirouettes or other tricks?

Pandas be good,
Ella & Max



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