Panfu: The Ice Skating Ring is now Open!

14 Jan

A fuzzily fresh Friday to you Pandas!

Throw on a pair of gloves and a warm scarf, tie the laces on your skates tight and fill up a thermos flask with nice hot chocolate! It’s time to open the skating ring! :D Yoohoo! I’m positive that this year I’ll break my record of 12 pirouettes.

Well good luck with that! My goals are not quite that high… I’d be happy if I can take 2 steps on the ice without falling on my bum and causing a traffic jam or crash of some kind while I’m at it. :???:

Oh, Ella, don’t worry. Nothing can go wrong when you have a coach like me. :cool:

True, everything was going great when we were practicing by the swimming pool. Until the shower started spraying water on me! :shock:

Brrrrr!! After that I just curled up on my couch under some blankets, put a hot water bottle under my feet, grabbed a nice cup of tea and settled for watching ice skating on TV! :mrgreen: You can learn a lot of things just by watching, you know! ;) But maybe I’ll dare to go out to practice today, on the slowest server, when everyone else is in school… I have a few free hours between classes, so at least I wouldn’t be embarrassing myself in front of the whole of Panfu. And tomorrow we can report if Max broke his record and if I broke my arm…:lol: Well, that wouldn’t be funny at all actually. :(

Just be positive, Ella. It’ll be fun! ;)

Okay. So today I will go ice skating, and I won’t fall down too many times! :)

That’s the right attitude! Have fun ice skating Pandas!

Be good,
Max & Ella



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