Habbo Hotel: The Lost Habbos

15 Jan

A new way to add “lost” characters to your Habbo ID!

You might have noticed already, that when you log in, you get to choose which of your Habbo characters you would like to use… just click “play” and off into the hotel you go!

However, some of you might also have noticed that you’ve got other characters that show up, but that you can’t play with, those are your “Lost Habbos”, Habbos that have the same email address as your Habbo ID, but that you haven’t added yet.

If you’d like to add your Lost Habbos to your ID, try this…

* If you’ve already verfied the email address for your lost Habbo, all you need to do is click “Add Character” and it’ll go right on your Habbo ID, ready to enter the Hotel!

* If you didn’t verify your lost Habbo’s email address, it will still show up, but you have to verify the address before you can add it. Click the “Verify Email” button and check your email inbox. Once you’ve clicked the verification link in the email, you can follow the steps above to add it to your ID and play like you would any of your Habbos.

Easy as that!

– Fozzie, SmoothCriminal and Puffin, Lost Habbo Reunion!

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