Habbo Hotel: Very Important Pixel

15 Jan

What do you love most about Habbo VIP?

You could say that Habbo VIP is the ultimate friend with benefits. What other bestie gives you the hottest hairstyles, the coolest clothes, priority access to the most popular hangouts, and doesn’t get jealous when you have 900 other friends?!

That’s why this weekend we’re asking you to tell us what you love most about VIP. You don’t need to be a member to enter and just a little creativity will go a long, long way.


– Have a think about what you love most about VIP and the best way to portray this in your room. Feel free to grab some friends to help out if you need.

– Take a screenshot of the concept in your room, attach it to an email and address it to competitions.com@sulake.com

– Please put “I Heart VIP” in your email subject line.

– Include a brief description about your entry.

– Include your Habbo’s name and the names of five friends! Why? Well, because…


12 winning entrants will score the following prizes:
– A Gold Duck Trophy signed by staff (because we’re all about Ducks this week)
– A VIP Furni Pack consisting of a VIP Vase, a Bling Leather Sofa and a Champagne Tower.


You’ll also score five or your bestest buddies a month of VIP membership! You’re free to nominate whoever you want, but don’t forget to spread the love to some friends who may be new to the VIP experience.

Entries close Monday January 17th, 7am EST (that’s 8pm in Singapore, 11pm in Sydney, 4am in Los Angeles and 12 noon in London!) Good luck very important pixels… Whether you’re current VIP members or not!


Find out more about VIP and how to become a member >>
Show off your VIP in this room competition >>

– Fozzie, SmoothCriminal and Puffin – Vampire Infected Pizza?



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