Woogi World: 2010’s Woogi World Top Ten

15 Jan
Hello there, Earth Agents!2010Top10

I really liked Wally Woog’s list in this week’s issue of Woogi World Weekly.

Here’s the list that he calls his
“10 Favorite Things That Came to Woogi World in 2010.”



10. Camera Saving


Last January, Woogies could start taking pictures with their Woogi Camera and save the photos to their DigiWoog!



9. Summer Splash


For 3 months this summer, Woogies could go to Woogi World’s daily summer camp at Camp Muddytown. They played lots of fun games, learned new things, and earned very rare prizes!



8. The New WoogiWorld.com


Woogi World’s website got a makeover this year!
Not only does it look better, but it added a Downloads page
filled with free Woogi World stuff for your computer!



7. Mascot VIPs


Digi, from Cox Communications, became the first-ever
Mascot VIP on Woogi World!



6. Newspapers for Sale


Woogies can now buy issues of Woogi World Weekly and read them anytime on their DigiWoog! It’s a great way to remember what happened on Woogi World or keep a special memory.



5. Exploratorium


The School Building was removed and the Exploratorium was built in its place. The best part? Every Woogi can play games and earn coins in the Exploratorium now without needing any codes!



4. Prize Machine


The Prize Machine is one of the best buildings on Woogi World! The building’s light turns on whenever there’s a prize inside for Woogies, and the prizes are always free!



3. Professor Woogwise


Professor Woogwise is Woogi World’s newest Celebrity VIP
and the principal of Woogi Academy, which is coming soon.



2. Xoogies Get Emotional


Xoogies started showing their feelings this year.
To help Woogies take care of their pets, new Xoogi Containers were created, along with lots of new ways to feed them!



1. CyberHero Missions


Not only did CyberHero arrive this year, but he brought
4 brand new and exciting missions to Woogi World! These missions teach Woogies the importance of staying safe
and healthy when using technology.



Honorable Mentions

Wally’s list only had the Top 10 items, but 2010 brought lots of other new things too. Maybe one of them is your favorite…

newarcademainroomThe Arcade Gets a New Look
(and New CyberHero Games Added!)


VdayFactorySinksThe Valentine Factory Is Flooded…


Exciting New Holiday Outfits Are Given Out


service0It’s Earth Day of Service!


Woogipedia2Wally Woog Updates the Woogipedia
(and Adds Lots of New Information!)


NewIssueChange-Cropped-AnimThe News Stand Changes
(When New Issues Arrive!)


NewMusicGames2The Music Club Adds New Games


contestformThe Kids’ Science Challenge Returns


WinterLights2It Snows for the First Time
(and Woogies Decorate with Lights!)



Now it’s your turn, Earth Agents…


– What’s YOUR “Woogi World Top 10 List” for 2010?


Write a blog Comment and let’s talk all about 2010’s Top Ten!


Until next time, Earth Agents!



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