Moshi Monsters: Buster’s Back – Spotlight On Liberty!

16 Jan

Well hey there fellow Moshling collectors! It’s your ol’ pal Buster Bumblechops here to give you the lowdown on Liberty, the Happy Statue.

With a lipsmackin’ ice cream in one hand and a never-ending wish list in the other, believe in having fun, playing games and making wishes. They even wear magical crowns that glow every time they think up a new wish. It’s not that these cheerful Moshlings are greedy, they just adore dreaming about yummy treats, cool clothes and twinkly trinkets. You go, girl!

Happy Statues live on Divinity Island but rumour has it they were shipped over from a mysterious land called Prance.

Big apples and star spangled sweeties.

Rust and flash photography.

If you don’t have Liberty yet, you might wanna go out and buy my book, “The Moshling Collector’s Guide” and you can learn how to catch her! You can pick up a copy over atAMAZON, and if you live in the UK, you’ll be able to find it at Tesco, Waterstone’s, ASDA, and WH Smith.

Happy Worldies Huntin’!




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