Panfu: Ella, the ice princess

16 Jan

Hi there, skating Pandas! :)

How are you today?

Hmmpf, well I’m not feeling that great. :sad:

Oh, Max, you’re not still moping, are you?

Moping? No. Instead I’m furious! :mad: You tricked me! You lead me on slippery ice, so to speak. Or actually quite literally!

Nonsense! I think you’re just not a big fan of losing. ;)

Hmpf! You twisted the truth. :( Should I tell what happened? Well, you all remember how Ella said she’s not very talented in ice skating, right? We went to test the new skating rink yesterdays (which is really cool by the way), and to practice our moves a bit. I made a few spins here and there, and tested my famous pirouettes too. I struck 9 right away.:cool: I thought to myself I still got the touch…

Until I stepped on stage! :mrgreen:

:oops: Ella, who was supposed to be talentless and clumsy on ice, moved like an old timer, as if she was born with ice skates on instead of normal paws! And that’s not all: she also broke my record! :shock: Ella, “the beginner”, made 15 pirouettes in a row.

Woops, I suppose I forgot to mention I was coming straight from my ballet class… :oops:

Yes, indeed! :roll:

Oh, don’t mope around, Max. I’m sorry if I stole your thunder… But I learned it all from the best teachers: you and the other Pandas! I’m just a fast learner. ;) Thanks to everyone for their tips! besides, if you didn’t always speak so loudly about your skills, you wouldn’t get so embarrassed. Just please be happy for me, okay? Or what do you say, Pandas? :)

Be good Pandas,
Ella & Max

P.S. I emailed the Smashing Pancakes last week in case they’d come to play at the opening of the terrace, but unfortunately I didn’t hear from them. Well, I guess they have loads of gigs to think about now anyways, so they were too busy. :(



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