Pirate Quest Walkthrough

1) Go to the Pirate Ship and talk to the captain.
2) Accept. You will recieve a pirate outfit. Put it on. :mrgreen:

Now for the quests! Talk to the captain between each quest.

Quest 1 Talk to the pirates at the front and back of the ship.
Quest 2 Go near the mermaid and use the hello action.
Quest 3 Click on the Up arrow near the Captain. Go back down.
Quest 4 Talk to Dogg, the pirate at the back of the ship. He will teach you how to clean. Walk around the ship until the quest bar is filled.
Quest 5 Go to the cannons and click on them until you get 3 golden balls to come out.
Quest 6 Go to the Caribbean Bar and talk to Michelle. Look through the barrels until you find the Captain’s drink. Then go back to the ship.
Quest 7 Go to the Caribbean Bar…again. Wait for Lily the singer to come to the room. She comes every 15 minutes. When she’s done singing, give her the roses but before she leaves.
Quest 8 Go to the Caribbean Seaport and check up on the 3 guards and the hidden pirate in the barrel.
Quest 9 Go to the Caribbean Seaport. Again. Go through the barrels and chests until you find the 7 items.

You are now a pirate! Take the outfit and show off. :mrgreen:


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