Better Igloos

Cheats for February’s Better Igloos catalog!

Puffle Posters

Page 1, the letters P, I, C, T, U, R, E and S

Small Rock

Page 3, top of Snowy Fortress Wall


Page 3, top of Snowy Tree

Dream Catcher

Page 4, knob of Shiny Red Stove

Holiday Lights

Page 5, Coins For Change logo on Coins For Change Donation Station

Holiday Bells

Page 5, top of Holiday Tree

Leaning Tree

Page 6, lantern on Candy Cane

Icicle Lights

Page 6, wood in Wood Stove


Page 7, word Scarf in Orange Scarf Snowman

Wrought Iron Lamp Post

Page 7, blue bird on Santa Hat Snowman’s hat

Knight Ice Sculpture

Page 8, top of Iron Chandelier

Ornate Mirror

Page 9, middle of Grandfather Clock


Page 10, bottom of Perched Puffle Statue

Pipe Organ

Page 10, crystal ball on Crystal Ball


Page 11, letter O in Jack-O-Lanterns

Creepy Cottage Cut-Out

Page 12, middle of plasma ball in Plasma Ball



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