Case of the Missing Puffles

1) Talk to Aunt Arctic. She will tell you that her puffles are missing.

2) Go the Ice Rink and pick up the photos.

3) Give them to Aunt Arctic.

4) Go to the Pet Shop and pick up the note. Decode the message using the “code” on the bottom right.

5) Go to the Sports Shop and give G the number you decoded.

6) Take the Preserver Launcher.

7) Go to the Iceberg. Use the Preserver Launcher to save the stranded puffles.

8) Go to the Mountain. Talk to the crying penguin.

9) Open your spy phone and use the spanner to fix the telescope.

10) Look through the telescope. You’ll see a puffle.

11) Go back to G and get a grappling hook.

12) Go to the mountain and use the grappling hook on the tallest mountain.

13) Return the puffles to Aunt Arctic.


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