Fantage New Homes

16 Feb

There are new homes tomorrow. One of them is a Cookie Home. Yummy.

♪ fantasy_faerie ♪

P.S.: There’s new furniture! Go to Ottomans. 🙂 There’s luxury cookie furniture. Perfect with your wonderful cookie home.

P.P.S: Nothing for non-members. 😦



14 Feb

Happy Mock-a-Single Day. The day where people get unwanted stuff from their secret admirers. The day of heartbreak. The day of gloominess. The day full of obnoxious eye hurting colours.

Valentine’s Day. Single Awareness Day. Mock-a-Single Day.

Fantage Valentine’s Day 2011 Mini-Game 4 Cheats

14 Feb

Groom Static and wash his car. What, does he think I’m his slave?

Grooming: Scissors > Hair Wax > Lotion > Razor > Eyebrow Plucker
Car Wash: Bucket > Hose > Soap > Sponge > Towel > Wax

Yellow Hearts sticker for everyone and board for members. To be honest, I was expecting more non-member items since the heart shirt was for everyone.

Fantage Valentine’s Day 2011 Mini-Game 3 Cheats

12 Feb

Help Michelle choose an outfit. You must get EVERYTHING right.

If you can’t see the picture:

Hair: Curly blue hair with hearts
Top: Red and white shirt with yellow bow
Bottoms: Red skirt with white border
Shoes: Red sandals with white and brown
Board: Teddy bear board with heart balloon
Accessory: Heart earrings
Moodie: Heart with arrow
Makeup: Pink

My Fantage Inventory

7 Feb

Yes, I AM non-member 🙂

Did anyone read GAMA Weekly?

3 Feb

If you didn’t, then do it right now 🙂

This isn’t working.

30 Jan

I can’t even post virtual world news with Ally and Bob’s GAMA Weekly. This is a virtual world HELP site and will remain one. Kay? :/