Early Poptropica Walkthrough

Early Poptropica is the easiest island in all of Poptropica. I recommend that all new players start with Early Poptropica.

1) You land in Main Street. Go to the right.
2) Talk to everyone. You will need to get a pig, a bucket of water, and a signal flag.
3) Go back to Main Street and go down the sewer.
4) Get the pig at the bottom right corner.
5) Go back to Early Poptropica and go down the well.
6) Find the glowstick in the upper left corner.
7) Go back up the well.
8) Keep going to the left until you get to Poptropica Towers.
9) Go down the sewer, and explore until you find a golden egg.
10) Go back up the sewer.
11) Jump on the buildings and laundry lines until you see a vine.
12) Go up the vine.
13) Click on the giant to give him his golden egg.
14) Go to the right. Get the bucket of water.
15) Go right again. Get the jetpack.
16) Go back down the vine.
17) Go back to Main Street and fly up the water tower. Get the flag.
18) Go right to Early Poptropica and give everything back.
19) To get your rewards, go to the right and talk to the guy on the ship.

Now, wasn’t that easy?


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