The Adventures of Ally

Chapter 1 – When Ally Met Ally

My name is Ally. Okay fine, my name is actually Allison but everyone calls me Ally and I will throw a tantrum if you call me Allison. I am a rebellious goth. Okay, so I’m not exactly goth, but Stella keeps saying I am, even though I’m not. But I have to listen to everything she says just because she’s my snobby and spoiled cousin, or she will force my parents to give me a time out. And they love her so much (more than they love me), they actually listen. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been grounded just because of Stella.

Speaking of which, my birthday is coming soon. I specifically asked my parents not to invite Stella to my birthday party. But they did anyway. Stella invited her spoiled friends from her clique “The Princesses” to my party, which I absolutely did NOT appreciate. It’s MY party and I should decide who comes, not her. My face almost turned completely red. all because of Stella. I went to my room and yelled at the top of my lungs. I almost broke my Sun Galaxy Girl, but it’s a good thing I didn’t because that was my favourite.
Then I overheard my parents talking to each other in May’s room. If they were having a “family meeting” without me, then it HAD to mean it was about me. But if I went into May’s room, May would hit me with her Jupiter Galaxy Girl which should be MINE but my parents decided to give it to her instead. And my parents would notice me anyway and stop talking.

Trying my best to keep quiet even though I was absolutely furious, I walked out of my room and eavesdropped on May and my parents through a small hole on the door.

“One is all we need.”

“Of course honey but who should we keep?”

“The easy one of course…and you know who that is…”


This time, my face DID turn bright red. I slammed May’s door open and yelled, “HEY YOU!! WHAT’S THIS I HEAR?!” May slapped me with Jupiter and tried to push me out of the room. But I refused to leave the room. “LISTEN, YOU KNOW WHAT, I’M SICK OF ALL OF YOU! YOU ARE NOT REAL FAMILY! YOU TREAT ME LIKE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND I *BET* YOU WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF LEFT!!!”

Then I cried. I usually never cry, but this was the PERFECT time to show my true colours. I left the room, went downstairs and exited the door. Daisy was playing with Duchess in the garden. Just so you know, Daisy is my dog and Duchess is May’s dog.

“Hi Daisy.”

Daisy barked.

“Ally would love to stay here with you, but she has to leave. Her parents don’t love her anymore.”

But then I remembered something. I needed to pack up. So I went back into the house and climbed upstairs, and entered my room. I took some empty boxes from my closet and packed up all my Galaxy Girl stuff. I also took my laptop and some “Rechargable No-Harm Batteries”. Weird but they work. Then I remembered, I need some food. At least enough to last until I get adopted. So I took a bottle of water, two bags of pretzels, a box of doughnuts and a sandwich. Not the healthiest but those were the only things that wouldn’t be noticed if missing. Then I was ready. I left the door, and left the garden, and ready to begin a new life.

Then, someone approached me. She looked just like me. She waved hello.

“Hello? Who are you and why do you look like me?”

“I am Ally. I AM you.”

“If you’re me, then who am I?”

“I am your spirit. I know what’s best for you. Follow me.”

I thought that really was my spirit. I had no choice but to follow my heart. Taking all of my stuff I took every step that my spirit did. Then as we entered the spooky land of Nevermore, my spirit stopped. I’m guessing that’s where she wanted to take me.

“You evil! How could you take me to this spooky–”

“I am not evil. Trust me, the citizens of Nevermore are far more neutral than those spoiled people in Soho. They only care about fame and money, and have absolutely no heart. You will live a much better life here.”

Chapter 2 – One vs Eight

It had been weeks and nobody adopted me. My food and water supply depleted faster than I thought. All I had left was a chocolate doughnut. When I went to Stella’s school website, I learned that The Princesses had their own website. I had learned that they will run away if they see anything ugly to them. But I also learned that they raid islands until they have taken control of them all. Apparently, their next raid will be in Nevermore. But I was ready.

A woman was walking down the street and stared at me. She asked me if she can get me anything. I replied a home, but that was a completely honest answer. She laughed and dropped her bag of trail mix. Good enough, since I was running out of food. Then, suddenly, I heard a bicycle run past me. It looked like Stella, but it wasn’t Stella. As I stepped closer to her to inspect her further, she shooed me.

“Hey, who are you and what do you think you’re doing?”

“My name is…uh…” I was about to say “Ally”, but I know for sure that Stella has told all of them about me. So I decided not to use my real name.

“Can’t even remember your own name, kid?”

“Paris. My name is Paris. Paris Xilena Coxy.”

“That’s a really phony name.”

I seriously wanted to tell her the truth. I mean, Allison Emmy Shadist is a not-phony name, right? But I CAN’T. She would run me over with her bike. It’s a really good one too. A Tarantula 3000. Then the girl left. (Her name is Diana. I found out through The Princesses’ website.) I thought I was out of trouble for the time being. Little did I know that Diana simply left to get the rest of The Princesses, ready for their raid.

All eight Princesses biked in with their Tarantulas 3000, in velvet princess outfits. I should get a Tarantula 3000 when I grow up. I don’t need permission, and it would go perfect with a fire eagle tattoo. Stella approached me and grabbed my arm.

“Kid, this is serious business.”

Trying to keep myself from raging, I suddenly remembered…the weakness! I pulled out my laptop and searched “Amy Glass” on Bossearch. I know everyone else uses Sally Says She Should Search, but that’s what Stella uses. According to Bossip, Amy Glass is the ugliest of them all. So I clicked “Bossimages” and bam! Loads of Amy Glass pictures. One by one, each Princess ran away.

Chapter 3 – Stella’s Revenge

It’s been a month since I left my house. Luckily, all official Galaxy Girl merchandise came with a free meal at Galaxy Girls Restronaut. And since I have everything from the Official Galaxy Girl Store (except Jupiter which May stole), I got lots of free meals. Enough to last me. But I didn’t get a home so fast. Many people had passed by me and didn’t offer to give me a home. But one day, a really ugly woman actually told me she would adopt me. I really wanted to say no since she was absolutely hideous, but how could I refuse a home?

So I said yes. She picked me up and she smelled absolutely awful. Her hair was greasy and her jeans were ripped. She had deodorant that smelled like skunk and even her cat didn’t like the smell. But I needed to tell her.

“You smell awful!”

Then she walked away. I think I offended her. That might’ve been my only hope, but I wouldn’t want to live with someone so smelly forever. Then I remembered I needed to check The Princesses’ website again, just in case Stella and her minions were planning something against me…again. Surprisingly, it redirected me to a site called The Bad Girls. They changed. No longer a bunch of goody-goody princesses, but a bunch of bad, rebellious, snarky girls. I wonder what happened. And then I saw link titled “Dedicated to Ally”. I had to read this. This is what it said:

“This page is dedicated to Allison Shadist!!!

If you are not ALLISON EMMY SHADIST, then get out of this page because you are NOT appreciated and everything on this page is directed at HER and not you!!!

Ally or should I say ALLISON I hate you. You dont know that how much I would love it if you weren’t part of my family.
you’re a disgrace to teenage girls everywhere and I H-A-T-E, HATE YOU!!!

hate, Stella.”

How dare she talk trash about me this way! My reputation is definitely stained. I wanted to send a hate e-mail, but I would get banned from Bossymail. If I got banned from Bossymail, then that means I can’t use Bossearch. Plus I wouldn’t be able to get my Galaxy Girl Newsletter.

Back to surfing The Bad Girls site. I clicked Events. One of them was “Get Rid of Ally”…and it was today! Since they’re “Bad Girls” now, I don’t think even ugly people would stop them. I was absolutely furious, more mad than I was when Stella broke my Strawberry Phone and when May stole Jupiter. I was so mad I wanted to get rid of Stella. And I will. Okay, maybe not today, but I definitely will someday. Then two bikes ran past me and stopped.

It was Stella and Zoe, on their Tarantulas 3000. And they had gotten awesome hawk tattoos on their shoulders. So maybe I was slightly jealous, but there’s no way I’m admitting jealousy of someone as rude as Stella.

“Kid, you’re really in for it.”

I had no choice but to talk back. “You think that, I’m READY for you! After all, there’s only two of you and I have Fighter Galaxy Girls.”

But there wasn’t just two of them. The other Bad Girls biked in, and they all had Tarantulas 3000. Diana, Ashley, Serenity, Jacqueline, Kayla and Nikki. They had hawk tattoos too. I am totally getting one of those when I grow up. Or a fire hawk. Both.

“I’M READY FOR YOU!” I yelled.

Chapter 4 – Hello May, Mom and…STELLA?!

I survived the Get Rid of Ally event. Mercury’s toy laser was enough to scare them off. But then I realised that I was running out of Galaxy Girl Restronaut meals…in fact, I only had one left! I walked down the street carrying my Moon Rocks t-shirt…


I am Ally’s mother, Wiley. My name is actually Willow. I have two daughters named Allison and May…oh, you already knew that. But Ally is missing. I hurt her feelings. And I am so glad I did…because she is the hard one.

See, in every family there is an easy kid and a hard kid. The younger kid is always the easy one. Since May is younger, she is the easy one and she is the one who must be kept. Allison was nothing but a teenage mistake. But May was a miracle, the best miracle ever.

May and I are going to the Restronaut today. We never used Jupiter’s free meal. Nothing sounds better than a good ol’ dish of Galactic Food Mass with Sun’s Lemonade on the side.


I had arrived at the Galaxy Girl Restronaut. Felicia and Evan, the owners of the Restronaut were wondering why I went in everyday, but that was a secret. As I sat down I noticed someone come in. It was May and my mother! What were they doing here? May barfed when my family went to the Restronaut for Grandma Loretta’s 70th birthday. But I didn’t know there was a third person. A hand came out from behind my mom and slowly, this person came out from behind and it was STELLA! Why is Stella here? She absolutely despises Galaxy Girls. Then I knew…it was to annoy me.

May waved at me. “Hi Ally. Are you mad at me?” I didn’t respond and didn’t want to. The answer was obviously yes. Anyway, Stella was seated immediately, when I had to wait five minutes. Stella got special treatment just because Evan thought Stella was cute. She even got Suncharmed Ice Cream, which was retired from the menu! My mom…or should I say MAY’s mom…kept doting on Stella. I hate Stella.

Furious about May, mom, and Stella, I left the Restronaut, almost breaking the glass door. It’s a good thing I didn’t, or I would be sued and banned from the Restronaut, and I can’t be banned from the Restronaut because I am the hugest Galaxy Girl fan EVER.

I went back out on the cold streets of Nevermore and stared at all the happy couples and their children, filled with jealousy. I was turning into a green-eyed monster, just wanting to be like them and not some emo girl out on the streets.

Chapter 5: Beginning of the End of Ally…Nope

Five months now. Many had considered me, but didn’t accept at the end. I was just an average homeless girl. I was beginning to lose hope. Laying out a Moon Rocks towel on the sidewalk, I lay down and covered myself with a sheet of cloth, expecting to die in my sleep. Then I had a strange dream, well more like a nightmare. In it, my old friend Dahlia gave me a letter, from someone mysterious who wished to remain anonymous. I was invited to “The Death Portal”. So I went there and there was a spirit, holding up a sign saying, “Lair of Your Maker”.
Startled by the dream, I woke up. I was alive. But I was in a strange place. My bed had sheets made out of silk, two velvet pillows and a divine quilt shipped from Elevated Design. I still didn’t know where I was though. Even though I was extremely tired and wanted to go back to sleep, I needed to explore this place. So I left my room and what do you know, this place was a mansion. The owner had to be extremely rich to afford all this. I went into the door right next to the room I woke up in and a little boy was sleeping. He was in rags. Clearly, this place was owned by someone who adopts homeless children. So I went back to sleep.
Three hours later, someone poked me. It was a maid woman, at least she looked like a maid, hat and apron and all.
“Hello child.”
“Um…hi? Who are you? What is this place?”
“Welcome to Les soins de Nevermore Foster & Maisons. I am Dora, the owner. We are made for homeless children and take care of them until they can find a permanent home.”
“Why thank you, it’s our job. Want some breakfast?
“You bet, I’m starving.”
So I followed Dora to the kitchen. Let me tell you, she actually got lost for a second. Goes to show you how big this mansion is. Waiting for me on the kitchen table was a bowl of oatmeal, topped with raisins from Wonderland. On the side was a cup of espresso straight from Buzz, the best coffee shop in the whole planet.
But then Stella entered. What was Stella doing here?


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