Vizwoz: New Fashion – Cool In Style Denim!

16 Jan

In style new fashion denim items!

We know how much you love to dress up on Vizwoz and we love bringing you the latest new fashion clothes to dress up in! For our first new fashion clothes release of 2011 we’ve got new ranges of funky jeans for boys and girls – purchase them ASAP to be on the crest of this new fashion wave!


Soon you’ll be able to dress up in some new, fashion-focussed distressed look ripped jeans if you’re a boy – and girls, we’ve not forgotten you! Take a look at these super zebra print jeans, a new fashiontrend that’s sure to earn you your dress up stripes! (Stripes? Because they’re zebra print? Zing!)


We’ve got some of our ever reliable Fashion Ace team to take a look at the new fashion items – they’ll give you tips on how to dress up and look your best as you rock up to Vizwoz in style. Shall we see what they’re seeing?


In style new fashion zebra print denim

Sadia-123: Well! These new fashion jeans are the jeans of the century, with their vibrant colours the girls will stand out in style and the boys will look as hot as ever when the dress up in the new fashion jeans! I can’t wait to see you all wearing them…


catgirl77: Want to be the coolest, most in style kid on the block? The coolest girl in town? Well get prepared for some new fashion items – with these in style new jeans everyone will be falling to their knees begging you to be their friend. These jeans don’t just look cool and quirky on the outside – when you dress up in them they are comfy and great to wear. In style, in new fashion and comfy… does life get any better?


powergirl67; Are you a boy who’s tired of the same old clothes? A girl who needs some new in style jeans? Well here is your solution: new fashion jeans on Vizwoz! Boys, dress up in these distressed jeans and you’ll be guaranteed to be one of the most in style lads in the world. And ladies, these awesome new fashion zebra print jeans are a must!


In style new fashion ripped denim

silly342: Hey Vizwozzers! Wow – look at the first clothes release of 2011, these funky new fashion jeans! There are ripped up distressed jeans for the boys – very much in style! – and funky multi-coloured zebra print jeans for the girls to dress up in. They are a MUST HAVE for the New Year and they’ll jazz up any avatar’s wardrobe. Get the new fashion jeans today in Slacks Denim!


-gorgeous-: Are you ready for the latest cool Vizwoz new fashion? Well take a look at these funky in style jeans! With these new fashion trends you’ll be the talk of the world, so what are you waiting for? Get yours now!


livii: Look great with some new fashion jeans! There are new in style jeans for boys and girls. Girls, dress up in the new zebra jeans with a silver belt, that’s a good look! And boys, these new fashion ripped jeans are the definition of in style…


So there we are! Some fantatsic new fashion items for you to dress up in and show everyone you’re in style. They’re 250 Vizdollars a pair, so very affordable. Where do I buy them, I hear you ask? Well, Slacks Denim is the place to go for these rather super new fashion items!



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